What is Serious Science?

Serious Science is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental project whose main mission is to spread knowledge and share the greatest advances in various realms of academia with our readers. For us science is about more than physics or biology: we broaden the concept to include a wide range of topics: from history and linguistics to literature and philosophy. We provide insights into how scientists think, how science works, and why it is an overwhelmingly compelling explanatory system. To this end, we regularly publish videos, interviews, news articles, and other exciting material.

How does it work?

Only actual contemporary scientists from the world’s leading laboratories and research universities create the material for the website. In various articles and talks they provide first-hand accounts of their fields of expertise. What distinguishes Serious Science from other popular science projects is that we only publish articles made by the researchers themselves, which eliminates the risk of distortion of facts, be it inadvertent or deliberate, by an intermediary, such as a journalist. The website delivers cutting-edge scientific findings directly from the researcher to the audience. Our authors are delighted to teach and to share, to be heard and understood, and they do their best to make their ideas sound engaging and fully accessible. After all, they are talking to sciensters and do it in a plain and effective academic English.

Who are the sciensters?

Sciensters are those who believe in critical thinking, those who believe that the scientific approach is the best way of understanding the phenomena occurring around us and are driven by the desire to find out how the world works and how it can be analyzed. Sciensters do not conform to a single stereotype: they are those lifelong learners with never-ending curiosity for whom gaining even a little knowledge generates a passion for getting more, those avid explorers who aspire to understand the universe better, those science fiction fans who like to think about the future as it is shaped by scientific ideas. Every day our numbers grow and with us grows the need for a platform where sciensters and scientists can meet.

Who are we?

We are sciensters from Europe, Russia, the United States and from all over the globe. Оur head-office is based in Moscow, but the project is the result of international collaboration of people from many different countries and backgrounds. Although the project is relatively young, its idea appeals to many, and it has already acquired several high profile partners willing to join forces in the name of science education.

We started in 2012 with the website Postnauka.ru, which quickly became one of the most popular projects about contemporary science in the Russian-speaking world. Postnauka today has thousands of videos, lectures, articles and interviews, featuring Russian and international researchers that discuss a wide variety of topics: from the French Revolution to the Higgs boson, from DNA to Roman Law. Having experienced such tremendous success from our very first steps, we have decided to maximize our creative potential by “going international” and creating a global project.

We are offering our commitment and loyalty to the ideals we share and hope that our website will help you to explore the infinite world of knowledge.

We do not want popular science – we want science to be popular. Join our community of sciensters and may our journey begin!

How can you help?

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Editorial board

Publisher, co-founder Ivar Maksutov
Editor-in-chief Liana Khapaeva
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