What is Serious Science?

Serious Science was launched in 2013 as an open education project. Our mission is to promote scientific thinking. In order to do that we engage leading academics in the creation of educational content and distribute it across different social platforms and media sources.

For us science is about more than physics or biology: we broaden the concept to include a wide range of topics: from history and linguistics to literature and philosophy. We provide insights into how scientists think, how science works, and why it is an overwhelmingly compelling explanatory system. To this end, we regularly publish interviews, explainers, lectures, infographics and other exciting content.

How do we collaborate with academics

Only actual contemporary scientists from the world’s leading laboratories and research universities participate in the creation of content for the website. Our experts provide first-hand accounts of their fields of knowledge and familiarize the readers with cutting-edge scientific discoveries.

We have already collaborated with more than 370 of world’s leading researchers from MIT, Harvard, Cambridge, LSE, UCL, King’s College and other academic institutions. Among them, there are 8 Nobel Prize laureates, such as Harold Walter Kroto, Roy J. Glauber, Richard Henderson and Didier Queloz.

What allows us to explain complex scientific concepts

Our new formats combine the expertise of academics with visual narrative and explanatory storytelling. We created them in order to widen our audience and promote our mission of helping the readers and viewers develop scientific thinking.

– Longreads

Our articles provide insights to latest scientific discoveries. We publish in-depth interviews with scientists so that the readers can better understand their thinking process.

– Infographics

Our visualizations of scientific facts allow us to present data in such a way so that the readers can easily memorize them.

– Animated shorts

Our animation illustrates complex scientific concepts through visual images. Also, we intend to produce video explainers that are going to combine scientists’ speech with illustrations and infographics.

How you can help

We are a team of creators that are passionate about knowledge and, as well as our experts, we live in different corners of the world: from Yerevan to London, from Tbilisi to Barcelona. If you want to support our cause, you can do one of the following (if not all):

– Subscribe to our newsletter and receive the latest updates
– Follow our YouTube channel
– Donate through our Patreon page
– Introduce us to PR people in your company or institution so that our creative division Naukka.Lab can make a project with them


– drop us a line at [email protected] if you would like to participate in content creation

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